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citrine stone


Astrological Benefits of Citrine Stone

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citrine benefits
Citrine, a variety of Quartz, is quite rare in its natural form which makes this gemstone very unique and valued. Most commonly type of Citrine found in markets is the heated or even smoky Quartz. Its name is derived from French word ‘Citron’ meaning ‘Lemon’.



This joyful stone is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity in life. In the ancient era, this gemstone used to give the wearer protection against the snake’s poison as well as evil thoughts. It was also used by the Greeks around 300 BC. It clears the aura, and promotes wellness in totality. It is generally an inexpensive gemstone requiring low maintenance due to its sturdiness and is available in varied sizes and shapes. To preserve it for longer period, always refrain from exposing it to direct sun light and heat for prolonged time. Citrine is a substitue of Yellow Sapphire stone.

Benefits Of Citrine Stone

citrine stone


Main benefit is it bring success into your career, Citrine shoves out the negativity from your mind. It possesses the inherent spiritual characteristics which induces positive energy and reduces depression in the life of wearer. It leads to psychic growth with enhanced clarity and self confidence. It is the gemstone to bring about success and prosperity.

More Info:

Citrine is an excellent stone with part of re-energizing and resuscitating energy. It purifies your body, comforts the region where there is pressure or blockage and tops off it with plentiful inspiration and energy. It is a stone that draws in favorable luck and best of luck. Essentially, citrine is an assortment of quartz. It is a straightforward stone, falling in the classification of valuable pearls. The shade of citrine goes from pale to brilliant yellow, nectar to practically brown at times. They likewise have incorporations as rainbow and shimmer. Citrine is generally found in spaces of Russia, Bolivia, Brazil and a few pieces of Africa. The stone has got it's anything but a French word, Citron meaning lemon.

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