Amethyst - Stone of Clear Thinking

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Stone of Clear Thinking


The stone brings clarity and peacefulness to the waking mind,Amethyst dispels rage, helps manage fear and anger, and calms rage and anxiety.. Has healing properties that protect the bearer against negative energies.

Chakra and Astrology 

Birthstone for February. 

Natural amethyst stones are connected to the third eye and crown chakras. The purple colour to reddish-purple hues of amethyst has long been a symbol of peace, cleansing and calming energy.

Charging Amethyst (Typical to most crystal stones)

Simply place the stone in a bowl of dry salt without any water nearby, as that could cause damage. Let the stone sit in the salt for anywhere between 30 minutes and four hours in direct sunlight. The sunlight will help the amethyst to supercharge. Next, run the stone under cold filtered water and set it on a towel to air dry.


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